And Is this our fault?

It’s Saturday morning and I woke up feeling overwhelmed by chores and to-do lists.

I started with my course tutorial that I’m enrolled in. I have given myself a deadline to finish it before the end of upcoming week. The course will further require me to set up a hands-on project. But, this is my work, my regular job and I love working in my job. I do. I feel a sense of worth. I feel fresh and valued by my work.

In the middle of my course, I felt famished. So, I made myself…

That will ultimately build your character

I consider self-care as my second religion.

And, I do not mean self-care as taking care of my external appearance. I care about that too but, that is self-maintenance.

I care more about what’s happening inside my brain at any point in time, and to me, that is self-care.

Over the years, I have built mental toughness by putting myself in difficult circumstances, by choice.

Whether you like it or not, at some point in your life, you will be thrown in a situation that will require you to muster up all the strength…

#Although I and my father silently disagree at all times.

Who inspires you?

I have been asked this question several times by many people. I always wanted to say — It’s my parents but I wasn’t convinced myself.

And the reason is — my parents taught me certain things like — how to be nice to everyone; how to take care of everyone and a multitude of nice things but modern times demands modern teachings. It doesn’t always help to just be nice anymore.

I lived with my parents during the quarantine. This is probably the longest I’ve lived with…

My mind hasn’t stopped racing despite having a hectic, tiresome week. Now is the point when I’ve gathered enough story to make a point and it needs to be said.

It’s hard to describe how I feel right now.

Invincible. Brave probably.

No, Fearless could be the word.

Unstoppable. Yes, I feel unstoppable. I feel I have overcome the friction of life and gained a permanent momentum. This adrenaline rush, to be able to achieve anything without fear of failure or criticism, I believe, is worth having.

My Ultra-Productive Phase Explained

I got many things done in the last few weeks. From winning in…

I am not a hardcore hiking person, although I love going into nature once in a while to really kind of absorb all the stillness inside me. I barely used to hike when I was in India. But, now in Slovakia, this is one thing that never seems to get boring. Every time I’ve done hiking, I have wanted to do more for no particular reason until recently when I happened to dwell upon it.

Last Sunday, I went hiking around 22 km in the forest and in the woods. Part of our path was uphill and slippery but also…

I almost fell choking on the ground. It was midnight, still vivid in my eyes. I begged him to let me stay till the sunrise but he slammed the door on my face. The feather-like snow hit my caramel-colored face, sparkled my forehead cheeks like stars glittering in the crimson red sky. It was rather chilling winter. My face was stone cold but my heartfelt like burnt wood, light after turning into ashes. I was thrown out like garbage in a city where I had always fantasized my love, Paris. I wish, I had any thoughts left to think, any…

A beautiful, melodious Hindi song is playing in the background. I am carefully placing gifts, wine, chocolates (and just a few pieces of clothes) inside my massive bag, which laid un-dusted for months. In this oddly beautiful evening, I couldn’t help being introspective about my journey this year. The last time when I was travelling to India, was also my first experience travelling back to my country, and it was indisputably one of the most profound moment of my life. A deep sense of joy had rushed through my vein, filled my heart with pure ecstasy. My heart and brain…

The upbeat music plays in the background late at night. I miraculously find myself in the middle of a stage, all eyes buried at my unexpected appearance. Can you imagine a place where ice and fire coexist? If not, you should have looked into my eyes that evening. They have never looked so mysterious before. Behind those lips lay hours and hours of talks but they remain motionless reflecting the wilderness of that moment. My cheeks are gleaming in vanity, not showing even a drop of shyness. My feet appear impatient. My hands rest over my stomach utterly anxious to…

I am a single, a next-door, no drama, just-do-it kind of Indian girl, who studied hard, worked hard, barely entertained anyone, avoided conflicts all her life and somehow landed in Europe.

For the past few months, I have been teaching myself to take big decisions in my life and it’s been a rough road. I find myself clueless most of the times and sometimes even wonder that if I’d have been a guy, things would have been different, maybe.

I didn’t quite learn to make hard choices. I wasn’t encouraged to make my own decision. There was no reward for…

I was nurtured and grown in a different culture since birth. The people around me were different. I ate different food. My body shaped differently. My mind worked differently. I experienced different weather, different perspectives, different emotions, different values and beliefs.

After twenty-five years of upbringing in one culture, in one part of the world, I came to be part of a culture where everything had turned upside down. The weather and people had changed. Their skin colour was different. They walked differently, ate different food, their body shaped differently, their minds unreadable, their emotions invisible. They spoke in a…

Midnight Muse

I break down and cheer up, fall down and rise up, build up, break up, fix up, just refuse to give up.

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